We love arriving at work each morning knowing that we have the ability to enact positive change for the families in our community that entrust us with their legal issues.
Our Approach

While we never shy away from court when it’s necessary, we are not your typical “bulldog” lawyers. Our preference is to keep your costs and blood pressure low by adopting a collaborative approach wherever possible. This means working effectively with other involved parties and chosen experts to craft a settlement that meets your needs but avoids the inherently high level of conflict and expense associated with a trial.

We listen carefully to all of our clients and endeavor to develop an empathetic understanding of their individual situations. Nobody’s perfect, and we aren’t interested in judging anyone’s backstory or the choices that brought them to our office. Our promise to everyone that comes through our door is that they will be treated with respect, heard, and should they become a client – advocated for.

Family Law

We understand that every situation is unique, and that family conflict or breakdown can comprise of some of the most stressful events that a person can experience in life.


Laura Allen is a qualified family law mediator who is passionate about finding practical solutions to your family law matters outside of the courtroom.


A thorough contract can prevent future conflict and provide everyone peace of mind. We offer independent legal advice and drafting services on cohabitation, marriage, and separation agreements.

The Lawful Truth