Kumiko was born in Toyama, Japan and immigrated to Canada in 2000. She has a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature from Meiji Gakuin University in Tokyo, Japan, and an Applied Business Technology Certificate from the University of Fraser Valley in Abbotsford, BC.

Since her parents are both restaurateurs, Kumiko has always loved food, cooking, and exploring new cuisines. Her favourite Canadian meal is turkey dinner.

Unfortunately the place where she lives does not allow pets, but Kumiko did have 3 dogs when she was growing up in Japan: Misa, Ami, and Taku. One of the reasons she loves working at Duncan Allen Law is getting to play with all of the pups that visit the office!

About Kumiko Nagamori
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I really love the warm, welcoming, friendly and positive atmosphere of Duncan Allen Law, and I am so happy to be on the team in a supporting role.